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Bringing a beautiful range of products to you in the comfort of your own home We created with you in mind our brochure is bursting with beautiful and fun products for you to view in the comfort of your own home. Our aim is to source from companies who share our passion for beautiful products that bring fun into our lives and make us smile Our first range is an eclectic mix for homes and outdoor entertaining which you would be proud to own or give as a gift. We will regularly introduce new products and up-and-coming designers to our range offering something different and appealing to you our customer. Our Design Consultants have a unique opportunity to show you the range in a relaxed environment and share some of the great stories behind our products. By hosting a Experience yourself you can benefit from our exclusive Host Offers the full details are featured within the catalogue. If you decide you would like to purchase something at a later date you can place an order directly via your Design Consultants website at anytime We hope each one will make every day a little more fabulous Enjoy your Experience Warm wishes Elaine Atherton Sales Director Welcome Our Leading Lady - Jo Downs 4 Home is Where the Heart is 6 Make Entertaining a Experience 12 In the Mood 17 The Grand Fun ale 20 Host a Experience 26 Join Us as a Design Consultant 27 Contents Bringing a beautiful range of products to you in the comfort of your own home Turquoise Silver Heart Earring Dish BCH-B06-TUR 6 x 6 x 1cm 11.00 Jo Downs is one of the worlds most respected fused glass designers. She is based in Cornwall and draws her inspiration from the beautiful coastal landscape to create her stunning range of giftware. Our Leading Lady - Jo Downs Sea Mix Candle Stand 3 Tealights SMX-CS24-SMX 23.5 x 10.5 x 0.5cm 25.00 4 Square Jewellery Dish Gold Heart CSC-B10-GH 10 x 10 x 2.5cm 17.50 Gift Boxed Gift Boxed Jumble Bowl JBL-B14-JBL 14 x 14 x 2.5cm 25.00 Fish Square Jewellery Dish SEA-B10-FSH 10 x 10 x 2.5cm 17.50 Jumble Candle Stand 3 Tealights JBL-CS24-JBL 23.5 x 10.5 x 0.5cm 25.00 Sunset Pink Mini CandleVase SST-CV14-PNK 13 x 13 x 7.5cm 19.95 5 Gift Boxed Gift Boxed Gift Boxed Gift Boxed An eclectic mix of beautifully designed items. Home is Where the Heart is Provence Small Oval Wire Basket 23035 205 x 145 x 105mm 12.50 Colonial Home Hevea Heart Board 10878 250 x 235 x 15mm 13.50 Chalk Note Board with Cream Foot 27018 317 x 210 x 35mm 12.00 6 Colonial Home Cream Cook Book Stand 10886 280 x 82 x 240mm 22.50 Provence Wire Chick Basket Cream 23049 15.00 Ideal for bread fruit and vegetables. Small Ribbed Glass Jar Lid 13001 D113 x H150mm 4.50 Medium Ribbed Glass Jar Lid 13002 D113 x H185mm 6.00 Large Ribbed Glass Jar Lid 13003 D113 x H225mm 7.50 Rustic Acacia Reversible Serving Board includes 1 Dip Bowl 27023 380 x 230 x 15mm 20.00 Baroque Rustic Acacia Pizza Paddle Board 09725 570 x 305 x 10mm 27.50 7 Tuscany Acacia Door Wedge 10461 150 x 25 x 25mm 5.50 Crushgrind Spice Mill - Stainless Steel Top 11087 125ml D60 x H125mm 22.50 Also ideal for pepper salt coffee beans... Mill Stand Acrylic 12684 88 x 155 x 12mm 5.00 Slate Heart Coaster - Boxed Set of 4 ART239 L10.5 x W10.5 x D0.3cm 10.00 Antique RedVintage Live Coaster Singles ZJ-8688A 10cm 2.50 Antique WhiteVintage Love Coaster Singles ZJ-8688B 10cm 2.50 8 Buy 2 for 40 Red Heart Draft Excluder 201489 80x12cm 13.00 Honey Balmoral Mug CW006 11.50 Molly Balmoral Mug CW001 11.50 Three Hens Balmoral Mug CW137 11.50 Holly Hare Balmoral Mug CW143 11.50 Molly Blue Cow Tea Towel CW127B 9.95 Honey Red Cow Tea Towel CW127R 9.95 9 Caroline is based in Cornwall where she designs a stunning range of kitchen and giftware including these fabulous mugs which are made from fine bone china and are dishwasher friendly and microwave safe Caroline Walker 10 Snow White Towel With Heart Embroidered Trim 11TOW025 80 x 38cm 12.50 Set of 2 Corked Bottles in a Washed Ash Basket 158441 19 x 10 x 5cm 10.00 Large Tin Glass Candle Holder GW121114 13 x 13cm 9.50 Glass Wire Mesh Candle Holder 222225 11 x 12cm 8.50 Set of Two Wooden Antique Washed Lanterns YX14-0430 67.5 x 38 x 23cm and 49 x 30.5 x 15.5cm 95.00 Ice Bags Light and portable. Carry them anywhere to any occasion. Keeps wine fizz at your ideal temperature. Ice Bag - Clear 17407 8.50 Ice Bag - Clear with Brown Leather-effect Handles 17802 12.50 11 Ice Bag -Yellow 17402 8.50 Ice Bag - Purple 17405 8.50 12 White Heart Olive Bowl DC557 H13cm x W16.5 x D16cm 20.00 Heart Nibble Dish with Wooden Handle WE583 H14cm x W24cm x D22.5cm 15.00 Boxed Boxed Organics Large Platter 9002-C640 51.5cm 50.00 Organics Tall Bowl 9002-C659 15.25cm 15.00 Make Entertaining a Experience Our Monaco Organics ranges are provided by Steelite International which is a world leading manufacturer of award-winning inspirational table top products manufactured in Stoke-on-Trent. Inspirational design that will withstand the rigours of modern life and remain chip free. Microwave freezer and dishwasher safe. Made in England - Made for Life Steelite Please note that the white heart olive bowl and the heart nibble dish are not part of the Steelite range Oblong Bowl - Red 9412-R 20cm 22.50 Oblong Bowl - Blue 9412-B 20cm 22.50 13 Monaco Z Platter 9001-C806 30.5cm 15.00 Monaco Z Square Bowl 9001-C804 21.5cm 15.00 Monaco Symmetry Curve Dish 9001-C875 29 x 21cm 15.00 H H H H Ask how you can get one of me for FREE Azeti is a family run business selling a glorious collection of highly polished recycled aluminium homewares and serve ware with bright enamel finishing. Azeti 14 Long Boat Bowl - Red 7710-R 27cm 27.50 Long Boat Bowl - Blue 7710-B 27cm 27.50 Heart Dish - Red 4100-R 11x10cm 13.00 Heart Dish - Blue 4100-B 11x10cm 13.00 Set of Six Coasters and Bottle Holder - Red 11826-R 7cm 25.00 Set of Six Coasters and Bottle Holder - Blue 11826-B 7cm 25.00 15 Salad Bowl - Red 9311-R 25 x 18cm 40.00 Salad Bowl - Blue 9311-B 25 x 18cm 40.00 Salad Serving Spoons - Red 9425-R 26cm 20.00 Salad Serving Spoons - Blue 9425-B 26cm 20.00 Dutz Rectangular GlassVase - Aqua 1680802 13 x 13 x 7cm 22.50 Buy Salad Bowl and Serving Spoons Together for 55 Hand crafted blown formed glass so no two are identical These products are beautifully boxed - ideal for gifts. 16 Classic Craft Beer Glasses - Boxed Set of Three 4991693 27.50 Sweetheart Sparkling Wine Glasses - Boxed Set of Two 9403767 30.00 Authentis Casual All Purpose Tumblers - Boxed Set of Six 4800191 35.00 Willsberger Anniversary Martini Glasses - Boxed Set of Two 1416150 30.00 A stunning range of Spiegelau glassware that is totally practical offering brilliant clarity good breakage resistance exceptional durability and is dishwasher safe. For Glass With Class 17 In the MoodMelt in Lancashire hand pour their candles using the highest quality materials. Each candle can take up to 36 hours to produce resulting in a unique and beautifully fragranced range. The superior quality gives incredible value for money and will outperform cheaper alternatives. Tall and Thin Candle. Burn time 70 hours. D 6.5cm x H 17.5cm 17.95 TT Still - Grey TT Angel - Light blue TTVerbena - Navy blue TT Joy - PaleYellow Short and Fat Candle. Burn time 80 hours. D 10.5cm x H 9cm 22.50 SF Still - Grey SF Angel - Light Blue SFVerbena - Navy Blue SF Joy - PaleYellow Still Angel Luxury Glass Jar Candle. Burn time 70 hours. D 7cm x H 8.5 cm 24.95 LG Still - White LG Angel - White LGVerbena - White LG Joy - White 18 Travel Candle In a Tin. Burn time 22 hours. D 7.5 cm x H 3 cm 8.50 TC Still - Grey TC Angel - Light Blue TCVerbena - Navy Blue TC Joy - PaleYellow Verbena Tall Fat Candle. Burn time 160 hours. D 10cm x H 19cm 35.95 TF Still - Grey TF Angel - Light Blue TFVerbena - Navy Blue TF Joy - PaleYellow Joy 19 Reed Diffuser 25.00 RDVerbena Reed Diffuser -Verbena. RD Joy Reed Diffuser - Joy. Joy Azeti Candle Snuffer - Blue 3020-B 30cm 12.50 Azeti Candle Snuffer - Red 3020-R 30cm 12.50 These products are beautifully boxed - ideal for gifts. 20 The Grand Funale Adult Wine Apron in a Bag 15.00 ART147 Spicy Spicy Angular And Rather Dense Adult Wine Apron in a Bag 15.00 ART147 Bright Bright Juicy And Full Bodied Adult Wine Apron in a Bag 15.00 ART147 Silky Silky Sweet And A little Fruity Adult Wine Apron in a Bag 15.00 ART147 Flamboyant Flamboyant Elegant and Slightly Nutty AdultVintage Daisy Apron STK1003 20.00 21 Adult Barbecue Apron With Beer Holder in a Bag 15.00 CGB739 King King of the Grill Adult Barbecue Apron With Beer Holder in a Bag 15.00 CGB739 License License To Grill Adult Barbecue Apron With Beer Holder in a Bag 15.00 CGB739 Natural Natural Born Griller Adult Barbecue Apron With Beer Holder in a Bag 15.00 CGB739 Time Time for Chillin and Grillin Childs Pink Butterfly Apron Age 5-12 years STK1002 15.00 Head for the Sea. gcA52 21cm x 15cm. 3.95 22 Based in Cumbria Temporary Measure are proud peddlers of extraordinarily interesting stories and beautifully whimsical things each and every one of them made by hand. This fabulous range of ivory cards and brown craft envelopes can be used for almost every occasion to send a special message to family and friends. Ask your Design Consultant for details of the amazing laugh out loud comments on these cards Temporary Measure Run for the Hills. gcA51 21cm x 15cm. 3.95 A List of Reasons to Fall In Love... gclist1 21cmx10cm 3.50 23 A List of Reasons to Fall Out of Love... gclist2 21cmx10cm. 3.50 A List of Things to Put in the Bath... gclist4 21cmx10cm. 3.50 A List of Reasons to Sit on the Doorstep... gclist5 21cmx10cm. 3.50 A List of Reasons to Dive In... gclist6 21cmx10cm. 3.50 24 A List of True Stories Daring Adventures and Narrow Escapes... gclist7 21cmx10cm. 3.50 China Mug - Rabbit Cover. Gift Boxed mgr1 14.95 Text on mug reads Once upon a time when I was a rabbit and there was nothing I couldnt do... China Mug Bear Behind. Gift Boxed mgb9 14.95 Text on mug reads and I would wonder if maybe just maybe... Knitted Swimsuits... gcss24 14cmx14cm 3.50 These beautiful fine bone china mugs printed byTemporary Measure inThe Lakes are microwave and dishwasher safe. 25 Limited Edition Rabbit Book bkr 10.00 Little Rabbit Knitting Pattern patr 5.00 Big Bear Knitting Pattern patb 6.50 Limited Edition Bear Book bkb 10.00 Bring the characters from the books to life by knitting them yourself A comprehensive guide including tips and illustrations suitable for beginners upwards. By achieving sales of just 150 at your Experience and securing a new booking from one of your guests within the following six weeks you can choose one of these fabulous dishes absolutely FREE But it doesnt stop there. As a Host we are giving you the opportunity to receive 30 off some of your favourite products. For sales between 150 and 299 you choose up to 50 of products at 30 off. For sales over 300 you can choose up to 100 of products at 30 off Dont worry if some of your friends cant attend your Experience they are still able to order from the brochure and their orders will all count to your total sales just let your Design Consultant have the full details. Booking an Experience couldnt be easier just secure your date with your Design Consultant or email Experience Host Perks Its not just our products that will make you smile its our host perks too Join Us as a Design Consultant And you really could the Dream We offer Part time or full time hours - you choose Unlimited earning opportunity Being part of a great team Becoming a Design Consultant for really is as flexible and as much fun as you want it to be.Whether you are saving for a special event in your life just looking for some extra money or seeking a career opportunity. You can have it all with And we are sure you will share many fabulous Experiences along the way. Just tick the box on your order form or email And let us do the rest. Contact